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Everything you need to start a podcast.

GRStudio helps you record, edit and publish podcast content from your browser.

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A Podcasting tool on the web that ticks all the boxes

Remote Recording with GRStudio

Connect with anyone, anywhere. Record high quality audio content with up to 7 guests. Low Latency. Multiple Tracks.

Audio Editing made easy

Reduce your production time. Arrange your recordings in segments, add background music, adjust volume. And our audio editor takes care of making your podcast sound professional.

One-Click Hosting

Reliable built-in hosting to distribute your podcast to your audience anywhere in the world.

Transparent Podcast Analytics

Real-time podcast anaylitics. See how, where and how much your podcast gets listened to.

Yes, We have a free tier!

2 Hours Remote Recording time and 1,000 downloads Monthly Free

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